Floor Vinyls perfect for floors and walls of any gym or hall

Black floor vinyl in a gym set up with equipment

Vinyl floor covers are a great addition to any club or gym as they transform the whole floor into a safe exercise facility. Our covers remove the hazard of tripping on old jigsaw mats, and bring a sleek, professional look to your gym - all while being easier to clean! As well as this, our vinyl is slip-resistant, fire retardant, and resistant to tearing, stretching and ripping, and is ideal for protecting your floors.

Our covers are made from tough 610gms PVC, joined together by welding, and can take your measurements or can come to do an on-site measuring. With the ability to be fixed to your floor, and later rolled up if required, our vinyls add to the versatility of your gym.

Red and blue boxing ring floor cover next to each other with rope covers and corner posts

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